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District 2 of the I.A.T.S.E. represents Local IA Unions, whose members work in the entertainment industry in Arizona, California, Hawaii and Nevada. District 2 represents 49 locals, reflecting approximately 45,000 members.

I.A. members who work in motion picture, television, theater and convention production embrace a wide variety of classifications, including: Art Directors, Story Analysts, Cartoonists, Set Designers, Set Decorators, Costume Designers, Scenic Artists, Art Crafts personal, Graphic Artists and Set Painters - as well as Grips, Electricians, Property persons, Teachers, Publicists, Make-up Artists and Hair-stylists, and Costumers. Stagehands, lighting and sound technicians, ticket sellers, wardrobe personnel, make up artists and hairstylists, ushers and maintenance employees, among many other functions essential to the overall success of the project.

There are also Cinematographers, Still Photographers, Sound and Sound Effects Technicians, Editors, Script Supervisors, Laboratory Technicians, Projectionists, Utility Workers and First-Aid Persons, as well as Booking, Shipping and Distribution Employees, and more. Ever wonder who makes movies possible to watch on airplanes?

These include scores of Motion Picture Academy, Television Academy and Theater award winners, an achievement no other organized labor group in the world can claim.

The Organization

Today's level of audience and producer expectations in so many venues, coupled with the availability of sophisticated new technologies, have often necessitated a combination of crafts utilized in motion pictures and television. Among these are state-of-the-art special visual effects which are capable of vastly enhancing a performance as well as a full-scale theatrical presentation.

The goal and directive of the District is to address the well being and needs of the membership in the areas of Legislative and State of the Trade. Local, State and Federal Legislative representation in such areas as Job Safety, wage, working conditions and other issues that effects our members, their families and neighbors.

District 2 also has an equal attention to State of the Trade issues that effect our industry. Whether it is low light, low energy, fiber optics, HDTV along with ever changing technology, these issues are of immediate concern in order to stay on top of our industry. Training, Safety, working conditions and other issues that are impacted to the well being of our membership are reviewed on an annual basis under the scrutiny of our delegates.

Anthony Pawluc - Secretary Treasurer
Michael Miller - International VP, Co-Chairman
Thom Davis - International VP, Co-Chairman

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