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(Variety, May 25)

In a year when tentpole sequels seem more frequent than ever, one of the biggest challenges franchises face is how to keep the repeats from becoming, well, repetitious.


(Etcentric, April 25)

Parks Associates debuted a report looking at trends in OTT, focusing on 2010 through 2016. Senior research analyst Glenn Hower stated that TV remains the top viewing platform by hours of video watched in U.S. households.


(Variety, April 24)

Some voters in France liken their upcoming presidential runoff to choosing between “the plague or cholera.”


(LA Times, April 23)

Members of the Writers Guild of America on Monday are expected to give their leaders authority to call a strike against the major film and TV companies after their contract expires May 1.


(The Atlantic, May issue)

Alec Baldwin collapses onto his dressing-room couch at Saturday Night Live like a man participating too enthusiastically in a trust fall.


(Las Vegas Review Journal, April 21)

Labor leaders on Friday urged Nevada lawmakers to pass a series of laws that they said would add needed protections and training for workers.


(Associated Press, April 21)

Shonda Rhimes, the TV mastermind whose hits include "Grey's Anatomy" and "Scandal," keeps a lid on plot twists. But she's giving aspiring screenwriters a behind-the-scenes look at how to succeed in her craft.


(The Hill. April 21)

If the music industry has its way, Congress will soon pass legislation that will charge consumers more for listening to music.


(Variety, April 20)

Lisa Paulsen is stepping down as president and CEO of the Entertainment Industry Foundation after 27 years running the charity.


(Fstoppers, April 20)

Cinematographer Matt Workman has created an extensive video detailing the methods and tools used by Director of Photography Linus Sandgren to create the Academy Award winning look of La La Land.


(People, April 19)

As a veteran journalist of 67 years, Dan Rather has had ample opportunity to master the art of keeping things in perspective even during the most unsettled eras — he was on the scene for JFK’s assassination, reported on Civil Rights and Watergate, and literally dodged bullets in Vietnam, for starters.


(Variety, April 19)

Conroy’s father, also a DP, taught him that the key to success is working harder than anyone else.


(LA Times, April 12)

The number of on-location movie shoots in the Los Angeles area plummeted in the first quarter of the year despite generous California tax incentives designed to lure more big-budget film productions from out of state.


(Variety, April 11)

After two days back at the bargaining table, there is cautious optimism that the WGA and major studios could be inching closer to compromise on at least one key issue on the table: options and exclusivity terms for TV writers.


(LA Times, April 10)

Most women directors don’t like to talk about gender. They’d rather just get on with their work.


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