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Deadline, Jun. 14

With Season 2 of "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel," Amy Sherman-Palladino decided to take her show on the road, leaving cinematographer M. David Mullen to adjust to new environments.


Columbia Journal, Jun. 7

In November 2017, staffers at Vox Media announced a union drive. In January 2018, the company recognized the Writers Guild of America East; three months later, management and union representatives entered talks over the terms of a union contract.


Boston Review, Jun. 6

Measured by the course of history over the last half century, the arc of the economic universe has bent badly toward injustice.


Variety, Jun. 3

Hollywood studios broke their silence last week, threatening to leave Georgia if a controversial new law banning abortions after six weeks goes into effect next year.


New York Times, Jun. 3

President Trump ran for office as a champion of American workers and a friend of labor unions, but his administration has systematically favored employers at the expense of workers.


New York Daily News, Jun. 3

Gov. Cuomo’s rocky relationship with organized labor has hit a few rough patches early in his third term as tensions boiled over following the breakdown of the Amazon deal, a bitter fight over campaign finance reform and overtime issues at the MTA.


Los Angeles Times, Jun. 2

Labor leader Rusty Hicks was elected the next chairman of the California Democratic Party, a win cemented by support from many elected officials and most of the state’s major labor organizations, who hope he can steer the party out of an internal crisis in time for the 2020 elections.


South Florida Sun Sentinel, May 31

Georgia, with the passage of a draconian anti-abortion bill earlier this month, provided Florida with what could have been a perfect Hollywood moment.


Variety, May 30

As the largest and oldest cinematographer society, the ASC has long been a source of inspiration — and guidance — for overseas artists and international groups similarly dedicated to the craft.


Deadline, May 29

IATSE is offering assistance to members affected by the recent spate of tornadoes that have struck eight states in the high Plains and the Ohio River Valley.


Deadline, May 31

Members of the Animation Guild, IATSE Local 839, have voted overwhelmingly to ratify a new pair of Nickelodeon contracts covering a wide range of animation artists, writers, and technicians working in computer graphics and traditional 2D animation.


Duluth News Tribune, May 19

Minnesota is no stranger to the big trucks and bigger bucks of the film and television industry.


Variety, May 18

Women are making strides toward parity in the film business but there’s much more progress to be made, panelists at the Kering Women in Motion talk said Saturday.


Screen Daily, May 17

Ken Loach was in typically fiery form when he appeared this week at the Talent Talk for his latest Cannes contender, "Sorry We Missed You," alongside his regular collaborators screenwriter Paul Laverty and producer Rebecca O’Brien in the UK Film Centre.


Collider, May 17

It takes real talent to make a film look distinct. Sure, there are a variety of tools at a filmmaker’s disposal, and various combinations of cameras and lenses and lights that can create differing images, but more often than not—especially in the wake of the advent of digital photography—a lot of films have started to look rather same-y.


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