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The Hollywood Reporter, Nov. 29

The Hollywood Reporter on Thursday announced that $1.7 million in university scholarships will be given to girls currently taking part in its Women in Entertainment Mentorship Program, in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles, now in its ninth year.


Motherboard, Nov. 29

Six years after massive online protests shuttered wide swaths of the internet, the music industry has renewed calls for internet filters in a bid to tackle copyright infringement.


Broadway World, Nov. 29

SAG-AFTRA Executive Vice President and New York Local President Rebecca Damon was among the labor leaders honored with the New York LaborPress Leadership Award yesterday. Damon was selected for her outstanding advocacy for SAG-AFTRA members and her longstanding dedication and support of the labor movement.


Crimson White, Nov. 29

If there’s one thing Hollywood isn’t famous for, it’s embracing female creators with open arms. According to the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film, of the top-100 grossing films of 2017, women represented 8 percent of directors, 10 percent of writers and 2 percent of cinematographers.


Times Union, Nov. 28

Roger Ailes might not always have been a household name during his time at Fox News, but many media commentators believe he changed the TV landscape forever. As the architect of the conservative cable news channel, Ailes created a beacon for what he deemed as an underserved news market. Now the world that Ailes created is the subject of a new documentary, "Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes."


Hollywood Reporter, Nov. 27

Paramount and A24 agreeing to produce original films for the digital giants represents an about-face in the traditional pecking order and signals a major shift in the entertainment industry.


Variety, Nov. 26

The Writers Guild of America West has launched a campaign to urge its members to report companies when they are paid late and asked to work for free. The guild introduced the WGAW Start Button program on its website, enabling members to inform the guild when writers begin working on a step and when the draft is scheduled to be submitted…


The Guardian, Nov. 26

Between First Man, Beautiful Boy, Boy Erased and The Old Man & the Gun, Oscar-bait films with singular, male-referencing nouns in their titles are in season. Is it mere happenstance, a case of nominal fortuity, or does it suggest a more sweeping reappraisal of masculinity and boyhood in this year’s films? Well, a little bit of both.


The Wrap, Nov. 26

In the last four months, The Walt Disney Company has seen the exits of four prominent African-American executives, signs of rising competition in Hollywood for diverse talent in an industry long criticized as too white.


IndieWire, Nov. 26

In the year’s most audacious bid for Oscar recognition, trained cinematographer Alfonso Cuarón took the reins from three-time Oscar-winner Emmanuel “Chivo” Lubezki on Mexican Oscar entry “Roma,” with stunning results. /p>


AJC, Nov. 18

Georgia's top politicians tried to stem a revolt from some Hollywood executives who threatened to boycott the state's booming film industry after Brian Kemp won the race for governor, urging moviemakers not to take their frustration out on thousands of workers who depend on their investments.


Variety, Nov. 17

South Korean cinematographer Kim Ji-yong won the EnergaCamerimage fest top prize, the Golden Frog, on Saturday for the sweeping imagery of his Renaissance-era war story "The Fortress" by director Hwang Dong-Hyuk.


Variety, Nov. 16

Innovators from across film, television, and digital media gathered at Variety's Inclusion Summit Thursday to discuss the state of diversity and representation within the entertainment industry./p>


SB Nation, Nov. 15

It should have been an easy opportunity to show solidarity. It should have been a friendly, comradely way to unite against oppressive bosses. Instead, professional athletes from the various North American sports unions have, again and again, put themselves ahead of the striking Marriott hotel workers, and crossed the picket lines that were put up in early October 2018.


Global News, Nov. 15

A tentative deal has been reached between the City of Toronto-owned venue Exhibition Place and unionized stage workers, putting an end to the four-month lockout in sight./p>


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