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Cinema Blend, Dec. 4

There are a lot of women in Hollywood. Women who do behind-the-scenes work like costume design.


The Daily Illini, Dec. 4

Eric Mo believes that everyone loves movies. They just don’t know it yet.


NBC News, Dec. 3

Forget cushy recliners and meals delivered to your seat.


Canadian Occupational Safety, Dec. 1

In August, a stunt driver filming a scene for a movie in Vancouver was killed when she apparently lost control of the motorcycle she was riding.


Indianapolis Business Journal, Dec. 1

Drew Brees is going Hollywood.


KTVL.com, Dec. 1

A local climate change activist group recently finished an hour long documentary about global warming.


PSFK.com, Dec. 1

The Wayback project is a virtual reality film that helps people with Alzheimer’s and dementia reconnect to key moments in their lives as a way to alleviate the emotional toll of the disease.


Sun Sentinel, Nov. 30

Matthew McConaughey has been spotted throughout South Florida, shooting “White Boy Rick” in the spring and “The Beach Bum” now.


Deadline, Nov. 28

There were 667 sexual harassment complaints filed with the EEOC by workers employed in the arts, entertainment and recreation industries from 2005-15, according to the latest data provided by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, but the federal agency charged with preventing workplace harassment has taken very few of those cases to court.


Huffington Post, Nov. 28

Since President Trump’s September decision to end DACA, Hollywood actor Bambadjan Bamba has been preparing for his coming out.


Cornell Chronicle, Nov. 27

The struggling artist stereotype isn’t far from the mark in today’s economy, according to a state-funded report by researchers at The Worker Institute at Cornell.


Albany Times Union, Nov. 22

“When They Awake,” a documentary celebrating indigenous musicians across Canada and parts of the United States, will screen at an event with related commentary and music on Wednesday evening, Nov. 29, at a University at Albany event recognizing Native American Heritage Month.


Broadway World, Nov. 21

On July 13, 1977, 25 women called the first meeting to form New York Women in Film & Television (NYWIFT) and suddenly the lights went out across NYC in the great New York City blackout. Now in its 40th anniversary year, NYWIFT calls upon the collective force of women to band together and empower each other once again. As the preeminent professional organization whose mission is focused on gender equality in the New York entertainment industry, NYWIFT will present the 38th Annual Muse Awards gala luncheon on Thursday, December 14, 2017 at the New York Hilton Midtown hotel.


The Fresno Bee, Nov. 21

Maryland is well-known for its crab cakes and the Chesapeake Bay. But that's not all. Just since 2000, 78 films and five television shows have been shot in Maryland, according to the Maryland State Archives. When people think of movie and television locations, California's pristine oceans and rolling Hollywood hills, or the sprawling urban jungle of New York come to mind. Though it's smaller, Maryland has more than held its own.


The Poly Post, Nov. 20

A camera pans across a dark park showing images of the homeless sleeping on benches, or gathered in groups. A woman’s voice narrates the scene, recounting the time police officers threw away her mother’s ashes. This isn’t a scene from a Sundance documentary, this is the work of Cal Poly Pomona students. Manshaan Singh, first-year environmental biology student, and Kanwar Bir Singh, fourth-year mechanical engineer student decided to lend their passion for storytelling and create a short documentary for Campus MovieFest titled, “Trash or Treasure: Humanizing the Homeless.” “Basically, we made a documentary on the lives of the homeless, and how people perceive them and who they really are,” Kanwar Bir Singh said. “We’re trying to break the stereotypes and show that the homeless are just one of us.”


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