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District 2 represents 45,000 members across 49 local unions in Arizona, California, Nevada and Hawaii. Click here for a full listing and contact information for our member locals.


Member Resources

Learn about our health and safety program, workers comp, the IA Training Trust program, and links to many other useful sites including Union Plus benefits, Contract Services and more.


Membership Booklet

The IA District 2 Membership booklet will give you a glimpse of the various skills covered by District 2 locals, and what the requirements are to join them.


Latest Industry and Labor News

Jun. 3 | Variety

A look at the world building through the eyes of production designers. David Willson (“Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist”), Martin Childs (“The Crown”) and Mark Friedberg (“The Underground Railroad”) break down how they crafted sets for their shows.


Jun. 3 | Deadline

A recent membership survey conducted by the Editors Guild, IATSE Local 700, found that 76.6% of respondents believe that discrimination occurs “often” or “sometimes” in the workplace.


Jun. 2 | The Hollywood Reporter

With inflation hitting the U.S. economy at large, Hollywood is feeling the impact of it on its film and television production.


Jun. 2 | Variety

Costumes for film and television can often become so iconic that they transcend the actors who wore them. Simply envision a blue, gingham pinafore and a pair of red shoes or a little black dress and a string of pearls: these costumes conjure characters well before the movie stars who played them.


Jun. 2 | The Hollywood Reporter

Amid a wave of M&A fever, will Amazon’s $8.45 billion takeover of MGM prompt its Silicon Valley rival Apple to refresh its shopping list to include a Hollywood studio?


Jun. 1 | Deadline

The Biden administration’s proposed funding for the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is drawing rave reviews from the AFL-CIO’s Department for Professional Employees.


Jun. 1 | Associated Press

The Missouri Supreme Court on Tuesday struck down a 2018 state law imposing new restrictions on public-sector labor unions because the Republican-led Legislature had carved out police and firefighter unions from its tougher requirements.


IATSE D2 Convention

The 2021 District 2 Convention will be conducted virtually on July 25, 2021 in conjunction with the Virtual International Convention. Delegates should be receiving the Convention Call and Credentials at the end of April. Please ask your Union leadership to forward these items to you as soon as they receive them via email. Additional details to follow when they become available.

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