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District 2 represents 45,000 members across 49 local unions in Arizona, California, Nevada and Hawaii. Click here for a full listing and contact information for our member locals.


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Learn about our health and safety program, workers comp, the IA Training Trust program, and links to many other useful sites including Union Plus benefits, Contract Services and more.


Membership Booklet

The IA District 2 Membership booklet will give you a glimpse of the various skills covered by District 2 locals, and what the requirements are to join them.


Latest Industry and Labor News

LA Times, Nov. 8

On the opening day of this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences sent out an email blast announcing that it had shelved the unpopular popular-film Oscar it had announced for next year’s awards show — hopefully, forever.


Chicago Tribune, Nov. 8

For stunts and fight scenes on camera, it’s common practice to bring in a stunt coordinator to ensure everyone is safe and on the same the page. Until recently, there hasn’t been the same kind of protection for actors performing nudity or sex scenes. That is quickly changing, though. Last month, HBO announced that it will be hiring intimacy coordinators for all of its projects going forward.


The Muse, Nov. 7

Throughout the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, Jean Coulter was a leading stuntwoman in Hollywood, racking up hundreds of credits on shows like Charlie’s Angels, Wonder Woman, M*A*S*H*, and Days of Our Lives. She is perhaps most recognizable from Jaws 2, in which she played the ski boat driver who attempts to set the villainous shark on fire. Coulter rarely acted; she preferred to stick to stunts where her likeness was obscured and tailored to be indistinguishable from the stars for which she doubled.


Producers Guild of America, Nov. 6

“I’ve done a lot of interviews in my time,” Donna Gigliotti tells us. “This one is making me nervous. Because I’m not sure, in all honesty, that I have anything that’s even remotely interesting to say.” Well there’s always that time she spun a chance encounter with Robert De Niro into a gig working as Martin Scorsese’s assistant on Raging Bull.


Hollywood Reporter, Nov. 2

How is California’s revamped film and television tax credit program fairing? Quite well, according to a newly released report from the California Film Commission.


Politico, Nov. 1

Teachers unions appear to have dodged a serious blow to their political activity and membership rolls following a sweeping Supreme Court ruling earlier this year, defying predictions that the unions' traditional campaign organizing in advance of the midterm elections could be devastated.


74th Annual IA District 2 Convention June 8, 2018 in Las Vegas

Date: June 8-10, 2018
Where: At the beautiful Caesar’s Palace Hotel in Las Vegas

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for Women’s Health

The IATSE Women’s Committee is working with the Coalition of Labor Union Women and Healthy Women on a campaign called “Spread the Word” to disperse helpful health information to women.

Share the Heart Health flyer and learn more about how you can help at GoSpreadTheWord.com.

Injured or Sick?
Need Help with Bills?

Behind the Scenes is a charity that provides financial assistance by paying the rent or paying down your bills until you can get back to work, click here to find out more about this valuable organization. Cases are reviewed quickly and confidentially.

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